Departmental Colloquium - Truls Norby: Hydrogen in materials - from chemical exoticies to novel energy solutions

Truls Norby

Truls Norby from our department is speaking at this Colloquium.


Starting time as usual at 15:00, with Coffee and Cake from 14:30. 



Hydrogen is part of or dissolves in a range of different materials and accordingly takes on different oxidations states and behaviours; hydride
ions in alkali metal hydrides, metallic solutes with some transition metals, covalent constituents in organics, and protons with
electronegative elements like oxygen. Many of the properties and uses of these species are obvious, while others are more unexpected.

The metallic and superconducting phases of elementary hydrogen were surprising, and we were also surprised when we long ago discovered that
protons dominate the properties of some oxides at very high temperatures. Most of this is now well understood through studies at UiO
and elsewhere, and it will be shown how ceramic proton conducting membranes can provide technologies for hydrogen as an energy carrier as
well as for more efficient and sustainable uses of natural gas.

We will also look at what happens to protons in oxides as we stretch the
conditions towards very reducing conditions and force electrons onto them, with indications from experiments, DFT calculations, and a bit of
fantasy. Finally, we will look briefly at how hydrogen in materials in very different ways is part of the technologies that now put hydrogen
fuel cell cars on our roads, and I can offer a demonstration ride in one after the lecture. 

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