ChemDraw - Molecule editor program

The program suite ChemBioDraw Ultra is available through a site-license. The license is valid for everybody with an email-address at  the University of Oslo. Both students and employees may install the programs on their home computers.


The site-license is renewed every year.

Installation of  ChemBioDraw Ultra

Note before installation

The last version is now named ChemBioDraw Ultra V15

ChemBioDraw Ultra contains the same tools as ChemDraw Ultra, in addition to a special bio draw toolbox.

To install your copy of ChemBioDraw Ultra 15 please follow this procedure:

Note: Read this through before you click the link in paragraph a. You do not need to download the software from CambridgeSoft yourself (see paragraph e.)

NOTE: If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 you must not install a version prior to V11.0.1. Vista Home is not supported.


a. Visit

b. Account Verification

Enter valid institution email address. Do not use dots (.) in the email address before the @, but use your UiO user name like this: (if not kjemi, use your other corresponding address). Student accounts should also work.

Only emails with valid domain(s) ( have access to the site license

c. Account Verification

Click "Continue" on account verification screen.

d. CambridgeSoft User Account

  • Sign up for a new CambridgeSoft User Account or login to an existing account.
  • If you have an existing CS User Account, email confirmations will be sent to the email@[institution. domain] and not the address of the existing account if it uses a different domain (e.g. online, gmail, hotmail, etc.).
  • Account registration required to access online databases

e. Install software

  • Install the software by following this link:  Download  Select the PC or MAC directory depending on your machine. Click the executable and select Run or Save. If you save the file on your PC, double-click on the downloaded file to begin installation. Use the serial number you receive on e-mail. Note: V8.0 serial numbers cannot be used, you must get a new number for V10 or higher.
  • During installation, you may be given a choice to install MestReC. This is a special NMR processing package and should only be selected if you are going to do NMR analysis.
  • During istallation, you may also be asked if you wish to install MS SQL Server. You need only to install this if you wish to use Chem Notebook, it is NOT NECESSARY for ChemBioDraw and takes up unnecessary disk space. Chem Notebook is mainly useful for organic chemists.
  • During or after installation the software has to be activated. If you are connected to the Internet, the software can be activated immediately during installation. You are permitted to launch the software 20 times, without activating, before you are forced to activate. You can activate the software via (1) Online, (2) Email, (3) Phone or (4) Fax.
  • For Mac users only: If you are using a Mac you will get both a new serial number and a registration code and you do not need to activate the program. If the above link does not work, it may be that your Mac needs to be updated. Please ask your IT support people for help. You can also download the software directly from CambridgeSoft.
  • The documentation (pdf) is also available on the above link.
  • If the above method is not available you can download the software individually from the CambridgeSoft website that is shown after you log in (note that the PC-file is quite large, >200 MB).
  • Access to included databases is automatic after registration is complete. To manage database subscriptions, login to your CS User Account and click “Manage Database Subscriptions”
  • An email will be sent with instructions to access software and databases

f. CambridgeSoft User Account

  • Users can manage their CambridgeSoft User Account by logging in from
  • All account related issues can be directed,

g. Product Phone/Email Support

For phone or email support please contact your two technical contacts listed above.

Questions about installation or other local problems can be sent to



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