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Tags: Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations


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  • Christiansen, Snorre H & Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar (2010). A simplicial gauge theory.
  • Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar (2010). Discrete Noether's theorem.
  • Christiansen, Snorre H & Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar (2009). A gauge invariant discretization on simplicial grids of the Schrödinger eigenvalue problem in a magnetic field. Prepint Series - Pure Mathematics. 9.
  • Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar; Christiansen, Snorre H & Winther, Ragnar (2009). Structure preserving discretizations of wave equations from theoretical physics.
  • Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar & Kvaal, Simen (2009). Manifestly gauge invariant discretizations of the Schrödinger equation.
  • Kvaal, Simen & Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar (2009). One gauge to rule them all -- Gauge-invariant grid discretizations.
  • Christiansen, Snorre H & Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar (2008). Convergence of lattice gauge theory for Maxwell's equations.
  • Christiansen, Snorre H & Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar (2008). Solving the Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equation in the Lattice Gauge Theory formalism.
  • Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar (2008). Gauge symmetries and Lattice Gauge Theory.
  • Halvorsen, Tore Gunnar (2008). Lattice Gauge Theory and the Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations.

View all works in Cristin

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