Enumeration and Moduli

A conference in algebraic geometry on the occasion of Geir Ellingsrud’s 70th birthday

Invited speakers:

Arnaud Beauville (Nice)
Wolfram Decker (Kaiserslautern)
Lothar Göttsche (Trieste)
Laurent Gruson (Versailles)
Martin Gulbrandsen (Stavanger)
Klaus Hulek (Hannover)
Daniel Huybrechts (Bonn)
Manfred Lehn (Mainz)
Christian Peskine (Paris)
Frank-Olaf Schreyer (Saarbrücken)
Claire Voisin (Paris)
The talks will take place in the Vilhelm Bjerknes building at the University of Oslo.

If you intend to participate in the conference, please register via this link. If you change your mind later, please inform the organizers on your decision.

Registration deadline: December 1st, 2018.


Organizing committee:

John Christian Ottem
Kristian Ranestad
Jørgen Vold Rennemo

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