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Operator algebras

Operator algebras is a fast expanding area of mathematics with remarkable applications in differential geometry, dynamical systems, statistical mechanics and quantum field theory. It is at the center of new approaches to the Riemann hypothesis and the standard model, and it forms a foundation for quantum information theory.

About the group

The research of the group in operator algebras at the University of Oslo has focus on diverse applications in harmonic analysis, dynamical systems, numerical approximation of spectra, quantum information theory, wavelet theory and noncommutative geometry of quantum groups.

Our weekly C*-algebra seminar is usually on Wednesdays.

Past Projects:

Operator Algebras, project supported by the Research Council of Norway, 2009-2012

Operator Algebra and Dynamics, NordForsk project. 

EU-NCG (Noncommutative Geometry), EU-project. 

Past meetings:

Conference on noncommutative geometry and quantum groups, June 2012

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