Jan Martin Nordbotten: Finite volume methods for elasticity and poro-elasticity

Jan Martin Nordbotten (University of Bergen) will give a talk about

Finite volume methods for elasticity and poro-elasticity

Abstract: We introduce a new class of cell-centered finite volume methods for elasticity and poro-elasticity. This class of discretization methods has the advantage that the mechanical discretization is fully compatible (in terms of grid and variables) to the standard cell-centered finite volume discretizations that are prevailing for commercial simulation of multi-phase flows in porous media. 

For a specific variant of the proposed discretization, we give an overview of a convergence proof in the setting of isotropic elasticity, and address from a theoretical perspective the issues of a discrete Korn's inequality and robustness with respect to locking. Furthermore, we give numerical results for both structured and unstructured grids for both elasticity and poro-elasticity. The talk concludes with an application to simulation of fractured and fracturing porous media.  

Published Feb. 25, 2014 11:14 PM