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Algebraic and topological cycles in tropical and complex geometry

About the project

This project focuses on the connections between geometry and combinatorics, provided specifically by tropical geometry. Tropical geometry is a relatively new field with powerful applications to other areas of mathematics and beyond. Perhaps most well known are the applications to algebraic, symplectic, enumerative, and discrete geometries. Additionally there are connections to number theory, statistical models, optimisation, thermodynamics, computer science, mathematical physics and mathematical biology.



  • topology of real algebraic varieties
  • algebraic geometry of discrete structures (matroids and combinatorial designs)


There will be one phd and one postdoc position available in the group starting fall of 2018. Stayed tuned for more information!


Tropical Geometry, Amoebas, and Polytopes

Institut Mittag-Leffler, Sweden Jan 15th - April 30

ASGARD Math 2018: Real algebraic geometry and tropical mathematics

University of Oslo, Norway May 2 - 4, 2018

Tropical Methods in Real Algebraic Geometry

Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO), Mexico, Sep 08 - Sep 13, 2019


This project is funded by Bergen Research Foundation.


Tags: Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
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