The Department of Mathmatics has two sets of printers; Multifunction printers (HP 4345 MFP) that allow for black and white printing and copying as well as color scanning (optionally in black and white). 


The current printers available to our users are given below. Please note that color printers should only be used when color is required, and should never be used for pure black and white printing. 


Name Location Owner Notes
Printers at the Department of Mathmatics, UiO
b700a B700 MI Multi function printer
b700b B700 MI Multi function printer
thantos B700 MI HP 4600 Color Laserjet
b1025 B1025 CMA HP 4300
b1025a B1025 CMA Multi function printer
cmacolor B1004 CMA HP 4700 Color Laserjet

Multi function printers

Our MFPs are fairly straight forward to use. For printing they behave just like any other printer in your printer list. Send them a job and then go and pick it up. They queue jobs so sometimes your printing will be a bit delayed as someone is copying or using the scanner, but the queue seems pretty efficient. On the bottom of the panel there is a small flag symbol, selecting that allows you to pick the language setup for the printer. The current defaults available are English, Norwegian, German and Spanish. Please reset the printer to English once you're done with it.



Put the documents you wish to have scanned face up in the input bin on top of the printer. If you have photographs, put them directly on the plate by opening the top feeder. As a side note, the MFP printers only print black and white, but they scan in full color unless you specifically request black and white scans.

By default the printer will send you a single PDF and a set of default settings (medium quality, medium file size and so on). If you wish to edit the setting, hit the "Arrow down" button on the bottom of the screen while working on a specific scan job for more options. Hit the button called "Scan to email" and click the open area designated "Email address". Enter your name with the keypad, and matching names will start to be displayed once there is enough input to limit the choices. Keep entering your full name as it is known at the university until your name is the one presented in the display. Once your full name is present, hit "Return". You do not have to edit the subject field unless you wish to do so.

You can also choose to enter your username, without '@' or anything more, but this will not show up as a completed name and might give you a warning before you send the message. If you know you've entered your username correctly, ignore the warning and you'll be fine. As a side note, you will have to ensure your username is written in lowercase for it to work on its own.



If at all possible, please use the designated copier instead. It's faster and doesn't cut into peoples printing and scanning services. If you need to use the MFP to copy however, select copy from the menu and follow the simple instructions. Again, put the documents to be worked on face up on the feeder on top of the printer.


Printing from laptops

To print from laptops, one has to print over https. To achieve this, most modern operating systems can select a network printer and give the address as, but you might have to install drivers manually (this is the case on Windows). A guide, in Norwegian, can be found at USITs pages here, and the images might be helpful (the Windows used in the example is in english). If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to email us, or come down to B700 to ask for help.


By Terje Kvernes
Published Jan 19, 2011 01:05 PM - Last modified Sep 1, 2015 10:22 AM