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  • vvlogo300 Vaffel & Vitenskap 12. feb. 2016 10:03

    Vi har en innstendig appell fra en av lytterne: IKKE GLEM å kaste rekeskallet med en gang! Ellers stinker det over hele huset dagen etter! Og hvorfor er det sånn? spør lytteren, hvorfor kan jeg ha kjøtt i kjøleskap i dagevis uten at det forringes, mens sjømat blir dårlig nesten med en gang? Det skal ekspertpanelet i Abels Tårn få svare på.

  • dd-2016-poster-v2-303px Darwin Day 2016: Still evolving – Evolution today and in the recent past 12. feb. 2016 10:15

    Welcome to the 11th annual Darwin Day celebration at the university of Oslo! This open event is for everybody interested in science and history. All are welcome! Speakers: Richard E. Lenski, Ludovic A. A. Orlando, Peter Zimmerman and Marlene Zuk.

  • Fredagskollokvium: Friday Mingle 12. feb. 2016 11:15

    We will have a new “mingle” meeting on Friday February 12 at 11.15 (as usual). The main attraction will be Mark Cheung who will explain what we have been doing during our week long workshop on the 3d floor in room 303 - the theme is “Flares on the Sun” and modeling of these. This meeting is part of a NASA Heliophysics Grand Challenge Project, and I think I can guarantee that Mark will show some nice videos. Otherwise there will be updates from Kristine and myself on the running of the institute. But fear not, there will also be plenty of time for informal chat and eating of cake. All are welcome to the lobby on the first floor.

  • GeoHyd Seminar: "Alaska tidewater glaciers, Harbor Seals, and Chinook Salmon" 12. feb. 2016 12:15

    Welcome to the GeoHyd Lunch Seminar on Friday February 12th @ 12:15 in aud. 1 in the Geology building.

  • zdanowicz_small Disputas: Hanna Marta Zdanowicz 12. feb. 2016 13:15

    M. Sc. Hanna Marta Zdanowicz ved Matematisk institutt vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d.:

    Pricing and hedging in energy markets with weather factor risk

  • jstorm%5B1%5D From brain signals to consciousness? How can our conscious experiences arise from physical and chemical processes in the brain? 12. feb. 2016 15:15

    Johan Storm (Institute of basic medical sciences, UiO) will talk about the work he does in the " brain signaling" group. His group is interested in signaling and information processing in the brain at multiple levels, from synapses, neurons and circuits, to control of behavior and mental processes, in particular consciousness and memory.

    Some citations:

    “Understanding consciousness has become the ultimate intellectual challenge of this new millennium” S. Dehaene & J.P. Changeux, 2004

    “Consciousness is the major unsolved problem in biology” Francis Crick, 2004.

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