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  • Florian Strunk (Regensburg): Stable 𝔸1-connectivity over Dedekind schemes 25. okt. 2016 10:15

    Given a Nisnevich sheaf (on smooth schemes of finite type) of spectra, there exists a universal process of making it 𝔸 1-invariant, called 𝔸 1-localization. Unfortunately, this is not a stalkwise process and the property of being stalkwise a connective spectrum may be destroyed. However, the 𝔸 1-connectivity theorem of Morel shows that this is not the case when working over a field. We report on joint work with Johannes Schmidt and sketch our approach towards the following theorem: Over a Dedekind scheme with infinite residue fields, 𝔸 1-localization decreases the stalkwise connectivity by at most one. As in Morel’s case, we use a strong geometric input which is a Nisnevich-local version of Gabber’s geometric presentation result over a henselian discrete valuation ring with infinite residue field.

  • fysikktirsdag_akselerator_arr%281%29 Fysikktirsdag: Partikkelakseleratorer 25. okt. 2016 15:00

    Det begynte med Rolf Widerøe. Hvor skal det ende?

  • Selcuk Barlak (Odense): Cartan subalgebras and the UCT problem 26. okt. 2016 10:15

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