Students consultants on real business cases

When the students on the course Innovation Strategy and Management had their exam on the 10th of March, they were giving concrete advice to businesses on strategy for real cases. 

Irene Manzanares, Hanna Tarzaali, Loic Vuillemin, Cristhian Hidalgo, Alina Sciupakova and Peng Xu present their cases. Photo: Nina Gu.

On the course Innovation Strategy and Management (ENT4400), also called BioAccelerator, 32 students distributed on six groups have acted as consultants for real business cases for the businesses Otivio, Cgene and Clavis Pharma. The course is part of Centre for Entrepreneurship's Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The three businesses are knowledge based and operates in the global market. Otivio wanted input on which customer groups and markets they should pursue. Cgene had asked the students how they could increase sales and which markets to pursue. Clavis Pharma had asked the students' opinion on whether they should take a promising cancer drug from preclinical testing to clinical testing and all the way to the market.

As their exam the students presented and defended the conclusions they had reached, and since each case was worked by two groups, the differences in their results were evident.

The 32 students on this course came from 12 different nations: France, Germany, Estonia, Turkey, Lituania, Romania, China, India, Mexico, Brasil, Peru and Norway. Jan Alfheim from Clavis Pharma at the end of the day said: - Let's hope that some of these accomplished international students choose to stay in Norway and continue their work on entrepreneurship and bio tecnology!  

BioAccelerator is a course hosted by the Centre for Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Oslo Cancer Cluster. The course combines theory and practice by giving the students the chance to be consultants for real cases for the involved businesses, and is part of a larger research project

Source: Elisabeth Kirkeng Andresen,

Published Mar. 15, 2011 11:43 AM - Last modified Sep. 20, 2016 3:35 PM