Centre for Entrepreneurship launches "Entrepreneur-In-Residence" program

With the launch of the new program, students from Centre for Entrepreneurship will get the unique opportunity to start new businesses in close collaboration with proffesional actors. - This program may become a national flagship for education in innovation and entrepreneurship, says Rector Ole Petter Ottersen.

Rector Ole Petter Ottersen congratulates Centre for Entrepreneurship and Inven2 with a new and exciting program. (Photo: University of Oslo)

At the Center for Entrepreneurship (University of Oslo), carefully selected students from the Masters Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will get to be entrepreneurs in the true sense of the word.

The new initative, starting autumn 2011, has been made possible through a collaborative effort between the largest Innovation company in Norway, Inven2, and the University of Oslo.

Project manager Daniel Leunbach at SFE explains how the students as an intergrated part of their studies will launch and engage in real technology ventures stemming from internationally renowned research at the University of Oslo and the Oslo University Hospital. The students will have to make technological assessments, formulate commercialization strategies, mobilize stakeholders and overcome business obstacles in order to build value and attract external private capital.

Professional mentors

This cooperation was triggered by the need to strengthen shared ownership and create tighter linkages between technological and commercial expertise in leading research institutions. The students will receive mentoring and support through a board of experienced  professionals from Inven2 as well as other internal and external experts.

- This program develops Inven2's new entrepreneurial candidates. Recruitment for our portfolio companies is always a challenge, and a pool of candidates will be of great value to us, says Business Development Manager Kristin Sande Reid, who is the contact for the project in Inven2.

Rector Ole Petter Ottersen at UiO has been a driving force to get this program started together with Centre leader Truls Erikson.

- At the celebration of the merger between Medinnova and Birkeland, I suggested that the considerable expertise that would now be developed in the merged company should be used towards the educational tracks at the University of Oslo, in collaboration with the Centre for Entrepreneurship. This program may well become a national flagship for education in innovation and entrepreneurship. I congratulate the Centre and Inven2 with a new and exciting program and wish the students the best of luck with a very rare opportunity to learn both in theory and in practice what is required to work towards the establishment of a technology company, says Ottersen.

Learning by doing

Through dealing with different market and industry actors, public records, accounting systems, funding agencies and private investors, the student will acquire practical experience and unique expertise in technology-based business development.

- It will be very interesting to follow the progress. For the right candidates, this is undoubtedly a unique opportunity, says Leunbach.


By Merete Granlund
Published May 2, 2011 10:19 AM