Kick off for new master students

The new students at the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship hit the ground running on their first day of the fall semester.

Kristian Løvås and Xiaolin Wang are interviewing each other. (Photo: SFE)

17 students were welcomed by head of office Cecilie M. Sundet and study administrator Tone Rove Nilsen in the brand new Ole Johan Dahl's house monday 15th of august. They were informed about the study and necessary practical details regarding the start of the semester, and were served cinnamon buns, coffee and tee. 

Second year students Stian Hauge, Pål Bjering Torgersen, Christian Müller and Anders Tiltnes were there as buddies to help the newcomers.

The students come from various backgrounds, from different Norwegian universities or from other nations. The buddies therefore started an activity to help everyone get to know one another: The students were pared up and asked to interview their partner, and later on present him or her to the others. Thus every one could show off their excellent presentation skills and at the same time have fun and learn about each other.

Afterwards the buddies tok the freshmen on a guided tour on campus. 

Tone Rove Nilsen is very pleased with the new student group. - We wish our new master students good luck with their studies here at SFE! she says. 

Published Aug. 24, 2011 1:27 PM - Last modified Aug. 24, 2011 2:05 PM