Mirjam Knochaert "Wisest Professor 2011"

Mirjam Knockaert has been announced "Wisest Professor " at the University of Gent, Belgium. Knockaert has a II-position at the Center for Entrepreneurship where she teaches Financial Management.  

Mirjam Knockaert receives prize. (Photo: Brecht Herman)

Students at the University of Ghent have recently voted on who they think is the best teacher based on the criteria knowledge, interesting lectures, humor, accessibility and friendliness.

The three who ultimately had the most votes had to go through a variant of a popular knowledge competition "The smartest Person in the World", and Mirjam Knockaert won.

Thus, Knockaert became the first woman to receive the prize "Wijste Prof 2011", which can be translated to "Wisest professor 2011”.

Knockaert has a position as a professor at the Department for Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Ghent.

She also has a II-position at the Center for Entrepreneurship, UiO, where she teaches the course ENT4330 Financial managment.


Published Apr. 1, 2011 2:30 PM