Practice of great value!

- There is so much one can not learn in school. So practice in companies is of great value, says former SFE-student Miriam Bøgh Meling.

Miriam Bøgh Meling. (Photo: private)

We have previously interviewed Miriam Bøgh Meling about why she chose the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Now she works for the consulting firm tto a/s in Copenhagen. This is a company that specializes in "emerging technologies", focusing on cleantech and life science. Cleantech is a collective term for products and services that offer higher performance and/or efficiency while requiring fewer resources and pollute less.

We have made contact with Meling again to hear how the experiences of working life has been after she completed her degree last spring.

What are your tasks in tto a/s?
With the Master of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in my back pocket along with a BS in physics, I work as an analyst on projects we receive from both industrial companies, start ups and universities. These are incredibly different projects, from the design of strategies for the commercialization of new technologies, identification of partners and mapping of competing technologies with advice regarding investments. Another very exciting part of my job is to explore the Norwegian market and identify new customers and sell the projects, so here I get the opportunity to travel a lot, and that fits me perfectly!

What do you like most about your job?
I couldn't have a job where I did the same things every day, and fortunately that's not the case at tto a/s! What I think is very exciting, is to be part of the process where I identify new customers, analyze their needs, trevor our expertise through sales meetings, and then dig down in the customer's problems and ensure that we deliver.

Has work life been as expected, or have you encountered surprises?
As new in the job, I learned pretty quickly that there is so much one can not learn in school. Experience is important in order to solve the challenges I face in several of my projects. Here I can only credit SFE's Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, where you accknowledge that practice in companies is the way to go in order to introduce students to real life - that's gold! Having practical experience on the CV makes you have more weight when seeking your first job. The competitive advantage students who have completed the Master of SFE have, is that they, as a scientists/engineers, becomes aware of innovation theory and the commercial world through practical experience. Internships and practical project experience from TTOs (Transfere Technology Offices) have given me a lot of experience relevant to what I am dealing with today.

Published Mar. 31, 2011 12:35 PM