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Picture of Arild Aspelund Aspelund, Arild Adjunct professor
B. Meling, Miriam Adjunct assistant professor Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Cleantech
Berge, Kristian Collin Adjunct assistant professor
Clausen, Tommy Høyvarde Adjunct professor Entrepreneurship
Picture of Truls Erikson Erikson, Truls Professor and Director +47 22840928 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technology management, Team work, Board work, Enterprise
Picture of Matthew Good Good, Matthew PhD Candidate +47-22840828
Picture of Tor Borgar Hansen Hansen, Tor Borgar Adjunct associate professor +47 22595132
Picture of Karolina Heggli Heggli, Karolina PhD Candidate +47-22852713
Ingstad, Eline Synneva Lorentzen PhD Candidate +47 22840926 Entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship, Social responsibility, Venture philantrophy, Social investments, Innovation
Picture of Anna Mathilde Elisabeth Jarbekk Jarbekk, Anna Mathilde Elisabeth Førstekonsulent +47-22852811 Studieadministrasjon
Picture of Mirjam  Knockaert Knockaert, Mirjam Adjunct associate professor
Picture of Daniel  Leunbach Leunbach, Daniel PhD Student +47 228409207 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy
Løvdal, Nicolai Solberg Adjunct professor Entrepreneurship
Picture of Erling Martmann-Moe Martmann-Moe, Erling Adjunct associate professor
Picture of Raissa Pershina Pershina, Raissa PhD Candidate +47-22852535
Rolfsen Grønsund, Tor Adjunct assistant professor Technology, Entrepreneurship, Innovation
Picture of Tom  Skauge Skauge, Tom Adjunct associate professor
Skjerstad, Tronn Å. Adjunct associate professor
Picture of Birthe Soppe Soppe, Birthe Associate Professor +47-22840919 Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Institutional Theory, Organizations, Sustainability, Green Industries
Strande, Per Adjunct assistant professor
Picture of Mari Saua Svalastog Svalastog, Mari Saua Adviser +47-22840924 +47-41477730 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Carina Tønnesen Tønnesen, Carina Adviser +47 22840921
Picture of Sarah Younes Younes, Sarah Senior Executive Officer +47 22840923