Credit to Norwegian researchers

An article written by researchers affiliated with the Centre for Entrepreneurship (SFE) has been designated one of the best this year in international Entrepreneurial Team-research.

Ekatarina Bjørnåli, lead author of the article. (Foto: NIFU STEP)

A recent research article written by Ekaterina Bjørnåli (NIFU, teaching at SFE), Truls Erikson (SFE) and Mirjam Knockaert (SFE) has been assessed to be one of the best sent to the conference Academy of Managment i San Antonio, Texas.

This conference is the most important in this field. Last year the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Montréal, Canada, had 10,273 visitors; 3,866 researchers participated and 3,768 had signed up as voluntary reviewers. To be picked out in this context signifies that the Norwegian researchers are among the best not only in Europe, but  internationally in Entrepreneurial Team-research.

Tha article will be published in the Best Paper Proceedings of the 2011 Academy of Management Meeting.

Dynamic organizing
In the article the writers investigates which factors contribute to team effectiveness in high-tech start-ups. Not surprisingly, the reseach indicates that cohesion between team members is especially important to succeed with knowledged based start-ups. The findings also indicates that diversity in the top management team (TMT) makes better use of the board's resources, which in turn hightens TMT success.

From 31. of May to 1. of June Ekaterina Bjørnåli and Mirjam Knockaert will teach the PhD-course ENT9600 Entrepreneurial teams and new business creation together with Professor Deniz Ucbasaran from Warwick Business School, Great Britain.

By Merete Granlund
Published May 2, 2011 10:54 AM - Last modified June 22, 2016 11:10 AM