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  • office-1516329_1280 Top Management Teams and Boards 6. feb. 2017 12:15

    Centre for Entrepreneurship has a strong and diverse research agenda. One particularly exciting stream of scholarship is dedicated to boards* and top management teams (TMT).

  • composite-image-of-business-meeting Preventing Dysfunctional Conflict 10. okt. 2016 15:12

    This new study by Bradley George, Truls Erikson, and Annaleena Parhankangas sheds light on the interaction between various types of conflict in entrepreneurial teams of venture-backed firms.

  • students-reading-book-at-school Entrepreneurship Education by Design 10. okt. 2016 15:12

    Grounding their work in the ideas of a psychologist and linguist Lev Vygotsky, Leif Christian Lahn and Truls Erikson reconceptualize the development of entrepreneurial expertise as artefact-mediated activity and contrast it with other approaches to entrepreneurial education.