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  • black-and-white-city-man-people Conflicts and Decision-making in Entrepreneurial Firms 18. apr. 2017 15:53

    The topic of conflicts and decision-making in entrepreneurial firms is one of many research threads that Centre for Entrepreneurship has extensively contributed into over the years. In this post, we would like to highlight several exciting papers that extend our understanding of conflicts in entrepreneurial teams and their consequences.

  • office-1516329_1280 Top Management Teams and Boards 6. feb. 2017 12:15

    Centre for Entrepreneurship has a strong and diverse research agenda. One particularly exciting stream of scholarship is dedicated to boards* and top management teams (TMT).

  • students-reading-book-at-school Entrepreneurship Education by Design 10. okt. 2016 15:12

    Grounding their work in the ideas of a psychologist and linguist Lev Vygotsky, Leif Christian Lahn and Truls Erikson reconceptualize the development of entrepreneurial expertise as artefact-mediated activity and contrast it with other approaches to entrepreneurial education.