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  • environmental-problems-and-high-tech-innovations The Individual Environment Nexus 20. sep. 2016 11:33

    This new study by Maw-Der Foo, Mirjam Knockaert, Elsa T Chan, and Truls Erikson examines factors that foster entrepreneurial intentions in academia, changing the traditional focus from individual characteristics as determinants of such intentions to environmental factors.

  • composite-image-of-flowchart-graphic Enterprising scientists 20. sep. 2016 11:32

    Why do some individual research scientists foster enterprising aspirations, while others don't? Building on institutional theory, human capital theory and the theory of self-efficacy Truls Erikson, Mirjam Knockaert, and Maw Der Foo explore how organizational and individual factors shape enterprising aspirations.

  • jsv Vertical Coopetition and the Sales Growth of Young and Small Firms 27. jun. 2016 11:22

    We are proud to feature a new paper "Vertical Coopetition and the Sales Growth of Young and Small Firms" by Christian Lechner, Birthe Soppe and Michael Dowling that was published in "Journal of Small Business Management".