Top Management Teams and Boards

Centre for Entrepreneurship has a strong and diverse research agenda. One particularly exciting stream of scholarship is dedicated to boards* and top management teams (TMT).

Boards and TMT

Is there a link between top management team characteristics, its effectiveness, and board involvement into a firm’s life?

In the context of young entrepreneurial organizations, we are trying to uncover all subtleties and complexities of this enthralling theme. In particular, we are proud to present two intriguing papers that Centre for Entrepreneurship has recently published in cooperation with NTNU (Norway) and Gent University (Belgium) in top level journals “Journal of Business Venturing” and “Long Range Planning”. In these studies, Truls Erikson, Ekaterina Bjornali, and Mirjam Knockaert cast light on various TMT and board characteristics, and their relationships in the context of early stage high tech firms.

The authors build on Attention based view (ABV), Upper Echelon Theory (UET), and the theory of self-efficacy, and explore how various TMT characteristics impact TMT effectiveness and board service involvement. Among other things, the authors look at team characteristics such as team size, members’ functional backgrounds, team’s cohesion, CEO duality, and how they affect TMT effectiveness and board service involvement.

Both studies are quantitative in nature and use FORNY database of 353 companies that originate from Norwegian universities and public research institutes.

So, is there a link between top management team characteristics, its effectiveness, and board involvement into a firm’s life?

Find the answers here:

Bjornali, E. S., Knockaert, M., & Erikson, T. (2016). The impact of top management team characteristics and board service involvement on team effectiveness in high-tech start-ups. Long Range Planning49(4), 447-463.

Knockaert, M., Bjornali, E. S., & Erikson, T. (2015). Joining forces: Top management team and board chair characteristics as antecedents of board service involvement. Journal of Business Venturing30(3), 420-435.

* Boards play an important role in organizations, especially in early stage firms. They usually consist of people who are knowledgeable about the company and the industry, and have a network within. The board members responsibilities include governing organizations, making critical key decisions, giving advice, hiring and compensating chief executives among others.

Truls Erikson is a professor and director of Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Mirjam Knockaert works as an adjunct associate professor at Centre for Entrepreneurship and has her main position as a professor at the Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Service Management, University of Gent, Belgium.

Ekaterina Bjornali is an associate professor at NTNU


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