The administration at SMN

High quality research requires administrative support of corresponding quality. The administrative group Team SMN is one of four priority areas in SMN's strategy plan.


  • support in application processes for the EU and Research council of Norway
  • professional project management
  • providing conditions for better utilization and effective operation of technical equipment
  • creating opportunities for cooperation with industry and other partners

Team SMN is led by the administrative leader Anne Margit Arntzen.

Administrative leader SMN: Anne Margit Arntzen

Project coordinator FERMiO: Xuemei Cui

Project coordinator Catalysis : Kathrin Lang

Project coordinator LENS: Marit Larsen

Project coordinator NAFUMA: Karen Pettersson  

Karen is on maternity leave till February 2018. In the meantime:

Project coordinator NAFUMA: Ingvild Austad Wiik

EU coordinator: Jørgen Kirksæther

Economy leader: Helge Midtun


Postal address Postboks 1126 Blindern 0316 Oslo