Persons tagged with «Admissions»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Arnfinsen, Deborah Ann Executive Officer +47 22850523 Student administration, Student guidance, Admissions, Courses, Examination
Artykova, Michgona Senior Executive Officer +47 22856058 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination, Student Administration, Inspera, Canvas, FS
Brekke, Eleonora Senior Executive Officer +47 22850562 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Christophersen, Heidi Anne Camilla senior adviser +4722855791 Common Student System (FS), Student and Academic Administration, Quality assurance system, Regulations, Evaluation, Statistics, Admissions, Analysis, Learning Environment, Quality of education
Duong, Thuy Lieu Thi Senior Executive Officer +47 22855447 Courses, Student and Academic Administration, Admissions, Fronter, Examination
Eikeset, Birgitte Adviser +47 22854309 Admissions, Regulations
Enge, Kristina Senior Adviser +47 22857855 Admissions
Eriksen, Terese Senior Executive Officer +47 22850526 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Fægri, Karoline Senior Lecturer +47 22855427 Student guidance, PhD, Programme descriptions, Admissions, Fronter
Hasle, Sigurd Adviser +47 22858014 Study Administration, Scheduling, Bachelor program, Admissions
Haugom, Monica Lund Senior Adviser 228 57122 Admissions, Student guidance, Exchange, Acceptance criteria, Student counselling
Holth, Jan Arve Senior Executive Officer +47 22857758 Admissions
Høiseth, Trond Senior Executive Officer +47 22854457 Admissions
Lassen, Markus Johannes Senior Executive Officer +47 22841102 Admissions
Le Page, Siv Støfring Senior Executive Officer +47 22844615 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Løvendahl, Lill Kathrine Adviser +47 22845392 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Magnusson, Ola Anders Senior Adviser +47 22845046 Administration, Student guidance, Exchange, Approval/recognition/accreditation, Admissions, International Cooperation, Joint Degree, Courses
Maugesten, Paul Aleksander Adviser +47 22855907 Student and Academic Administration, Canvas, Admissions, Alumni
Michalowska, Joanna Maria Senior Executive Officer +47 22857028 Admissions
Mohamed, Lobna Student adviser 22858929 Student Administration, Admissions, Continuing Education
Neset, Birthe Adviser +47 22850563 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Nilsson, Vibeke Higher Executive Officer +47 22856213 Admissions, Information centre
Ochola, Geoffrey Nicholas Higher Executive Officer FS, Inspera, Admissions, Canvas, TP, Special Needs, Student & Academic Administration
Olsen, Morten Slind Adviser +47 22859428 Admissions, Examination, Student and academic administration, Quality of education, Student guidance
Paintsil, Selawose Alberta Senior Executive Officer +47 22858653 Admissions
Rajpoot, Osamah Senior Executive Officer +47 22840878 Student and Academic Administration, Theses/dissertations, Courses, Erasmus+, Recognition, Admissions, Student guidance, Timetabling, Mobility
Raza, Merita Emini Adviser +47 22850611 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Rongve, Bente Senior Executive Officer +47 22858272 Admissions, National Student Database
Rusten, Kjersti Adviser +47 22844820 Admissions, Regulations
Saba, Morsal Senior Executive Officer +47 22856511 Admissions, Organized research training (doctoral porgramme), Student and academic administration, Student guidance, EpN, Temorary employment contracts, Quality of education
Sandåker, Anne-Line Programme Coordinator +47 22858992 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Admissions, Examination
Simensen, Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22857716 Admissions, Student administration
Strøm, Kristin Flood Adviser +47 22844858 Admissions, Educational Leadership, Student and Academic Administration
Talgo, Brian Michel Adviser +47 22844377 Admissions
Ulstein, Silje Osnes Senior Executive Officer +47 22841137 Admissions
Westheim, Anne Senior Adviser +47 22845819 +47 41270638 (mob) International Cooperation, Student Mobility, Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Admissions
Winther, Silje Senior Adviser +47 22841167 Admissions, Recruitment of students