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Ecotoxicology, plastic in the ocean and poisons.
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Kelp export is a project that looks into the production and export of kelp in Norway.
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KelpEx will, for the first time, quantify the production and export of kelp (Laminaria hyperborea) detritus and its role in fuelling diverse ecosystems, shaping their structure and function in the Arctic region of Norway.

MicroPolar image of coccolithophore, Arctic Ocean
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Biological production and consumption of CO2 in ocean surface waters is essential for understanding ocean-atmosphere inreaction. Small microorganisms can have a great impact on the biosphere and understanding their influence is of great importance with respect to increasing CO2-levels in the atmospehere.

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We finally have our blog up and running! Here, you will find news and pictures from our ongoing work and activities. 

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For the final class of my Masters, I applied to Arctic Marine Molecular Ecology at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS). UNIS offers classes for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in biology, geology, geophysics and technology. Once accepted, I booked tickets to the land of polar bears, northern lights, and the nautical polar night for an exciting five week educational adventure.

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Gunnar Austrheim et al. (Atle Mysterud) in Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research

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The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard in the high Arctic Ocean is a truly remarkable place. We travelled to Longyearbyen in October 2013 and April 2014 to get samples of volcanic ash layers.

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James D. M. Speed, Gunnar Austrheim, Alison J. Hester and Atle Mysterud in Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research

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