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Publisert 1. okt. 2020 10:38

The aim of this thesis is to investigate possibilities for creating digital replicas of urban landscapes and regional characteristics, cities' infrastructure elements (e.g., homes, properties, streets, etc.) to simulate what-if scenarios that show the impact of climate change such as flooding in cities and how they may be managed. Such simulations can be used to determine flooding risks for existing conditions and to evaluate proposed mitigation strategies. The resulting flood resilience model can be used for analysis, simulation, visualization, planning and communication, as well as a better assessment of the socio-economic impact of cities' projects. As part of this thesis, various aspects related to relevant historical and actual data, AI models, and modern data visualization techniques will be investigated.

Kristin Vinje møter Magnus Takvam, Emil Aas Stoltenberg og Bernt Aardal.
Publisert 5. juli 2019 10:40

Med nye modeller og større regnekraft kan Big Data sammenstille store mengder informasjon og gi mye sikrere prediksjoner av valgresultatene enn tradisjonelle meningsmålinger. Hvor sikre kan prognosene bli, og hvor sikre vil vi ha dem?

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The overall objective of this master project is to use parallel processing and machine learning for in-situ real-time analysis of big data produced by numerical simulations.

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Schneider Electric Norway AS has proposed master projects that will be co-supervised by them and will involve real and challenging ICT problems in their organisation. Part of the work will be done at their offices at Ryen. 

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The next frontier for innovation in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) is the creation of smart spaces such as smart cities, buildings , energy , and health.  The main goal of the DILUTE project is to enable development of software services for such systems with particular support for scalability and dynamicity. Software services developed for such systems are distributed over a wide range of computing devices from resource-constrained IoT devices, to network routers (i.e., fog nodes) and the Cloud.

Publisert 18. sep. 2015 12:39

Do you want to contribute to the improvement of the healthcare sector? This master thesis will be carried out as part of a new Norwegian project on ICT in healthcare. The aim is to facilitate the integration of health datasets and then allow searching across these inter-related data. In this way, access to patient data will be facilitated, and physicians will need less time and effort to gather information for their needs.

Publisert 10. okt. 2014 12:36

Many countries have set aggressive renewable integration targets. Achieving these targets requires fundamental changes to the management of the electric grid. One of the main challenges of renewable integration is the capability of forecasting the power production from intermittent renewables, in particular wind and solar. The more accurate these predictions become, the more efficiently can dispatchable resources be dispatched and the more efficiently can renewable power generation companies take part in wholesale electricity markets.

Publisert 27. feb. 2014 10:18

Welcome to the Abel Symposium 2014 in Lofoten. The symposium will bring researchers together to discuss statistical analysis for high-dimensional data.

[This is a closed event by invitation only, but a proceedings will be published by Springer (linked here).]

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