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Publisert 20. mai 2014 08:44

In March 2014, my colleagues and I published a paper in Science. Here are the highlights – and the implications.

Publisert 7. mai 2013 20:40

This week we all go to Kongsberg, a small town south-east of Oslo. The first academic training in Norway started here in 1757, primarily related to mining, mineralogy, and chemistry. Kongsberg is still famous for the old silver mines and spectacular mineral samples.

Publisert 4. apr. 2013 12:13

Are you going to the EGU meeting and are curious about our research – then come and see us!

Text: Henrik H. Svensen

Publisert 15. mars 2013 10:51

In a recent paper ― “A Precambrian microcontinent in the Indian Ocean” (published online in Nature Geoscience on February 24) ― we argue that Mauritius is underlain by continental crust and could be part of a larger microcontinent that we named Mauritia.

Text: Trond H.Torsvik

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