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MISC is a Norwegian-Chinese-Japanese student and researcher exchange program on the study of microbial surface colonization.

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A Norwegian-Russian-Chinese research and training network on the study of plague

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14. desember 1912 fødes to jentebarn på hver sin side av jordkloden. 101 år og 11 måneder senere slutter hjertene deres å slå – med to timers mellomrom, på Lillestrøm. Hvor urimelig usannsynlig er en slik hendelse (og hva slags dramatiske, lange liv har de to levet)? På oppfordring fra journalister i A-magasinet har vi regnet på sannsynligheter relatert til denne hendelsen.

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The ambition of this project is to set the scene for a number of new research directions based on FEEC by giving ground-breaking contributions to its foundation. The aim is also to use FEEC as a tool, or a guideline, to extend the foundation of numerical PDE to a variety of problems for which this foundation does not exist.

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SINCIERE is a bilateral agreement between CAS/RCEES and CIENS/UiO. Our SINCIERE vision is to act as a catalyst and mediator for cooperation between China and Norway within the field of environmental research.

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China has for centuries struggled with eutrophication and has acquired much knowledge that will be of great value and benefit in order to understand the problem in Norway. We have therefore invited our main partners in the SinoTropia project to the seminar to share their experiences with us.

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Watershed EUTROphication management in China through system oriented process modelling of Pressures, Impacts and Abatement actions

A MILJØ2015 - CHINOR bilateral project jointly funded by RCN (209687/E40) and CAS

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