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High flow and a tree nearly under water at a lake in Western Norway in the autumn of 2018. Photo: Gunn Kristin Tjoflot, UIO
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In the next LATICE seminar on Wednesday 21 April, Priscilla Mooney (NORCE) will present the recently funded H2020 project "Polar Regions in the Earth System".

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The Norwegian Hydrological Council, in collaboration with EMERALD, welcome you to attend the 6th Conference on Modelling Hydrology, Climate and Land Surface Processes, September 14.–16, 2021, Lillehammer, Norway.

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Satellite communication networks are normally designed to deliver services also under severe propagation conditions. Links operating at 20 GHz can be severely affected by a number of atmospheric effects, where hydrometeor precipitation is often among the most severe ones.

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Many outdoor radio systems transmit and receive signals that are sensitive to the climatic conditions, such as hydrometeor precipitation. For example, high frequencies may be heavily attenuated under periods of rain. According to climate reports the trend is towards more severe storms with heavy rainfall. An initial study of rainfall rate data from Norway supports the view that there is more often intense rainfall several places in the country.


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Scientists in geodynamics and meteorology from UiO, in collaboration with researchers in geosciences from Bergen, Tromsø and UNIS, received 19.5 million kroner from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) for a new Research School on “Changing climates in the coupled earth system” (CHESS).

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NorClim responds to the need for identification and understanding of natural climate fluctuations in Norway and the Arctic

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CityZen investigates the environmental effects of megacities and large emission hot spots on their local, regional and global environment. Also, the impact of climate change on air quality in megacities is studied.

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Future climate changes how will they influence the water resources in sub-equatorial Africa? How can agriculture adapt to a warmer climate and changes in precipitation patterns? What will the socioeconomic consequences be?

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