Persons tagged with «Climate»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Eriksen, Thomas Hylland Professor +47 22844128 +47 90050293 (mob) +47-90050293 Globalisation, Modernity, Culture, Identity, Norway, The Indian Ocean, Australia, Climate, Ethnicity, The Caribbean
Erlandsen, Helene Birkelund Climate
Grønli , Katinka Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47 22 85 74 73 +47 92 01 23 90 (mob) Energy, Environment, Climate
Gundersen, Ingar Mørkestøl Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859471 Archeology, environmental humanities, climate, climate change, Iron Age, iron production, Settlement Archaeology, Landscape archaeology, Epistemology, resilience theory, societal vulnerability
Iversen, Emilie C. Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology, Climate
Krüger, Kirstin Professor +47 22855811 +47 98234664 (mob) Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmosphere Ocean Interactions, Atmospheric physics, Climate-chemistry interactions, Climate, Climate change, Meteorology, Earth System
Lambert, Marius Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855827 Arctic, Climate, Sea ice, Vegetation modelling, carbon cycle
Li, Hong Researcher +47 92557644 Hydrology, Water resources management, Climate
Solheim, Linn Kristin Senior Engineer 97071074 Conservation, paintings, medieval art, climate
Storelvmo, Trude Professor +47 22855819 +47 40638401 (mob) Atmospheric physics, Climate, Climate change, Meteorology
Tang, Hui Researcher Climate, Meteorology, Land-surface
Van Dijk, Evelien Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844582 +47 46560870 (mob) Climate, Paleoclimate, Cryosphere, Volcanism and climate
Vollsnes, Ane Victoria Researcher +47 22854492 +47 91326836 (mob) plant physiology, ecology, experimental biology, climate, controlled conditions, phenotypic plasticity, sub-arctic vegetation, tropospheric ozone