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Publisert 8. okt. 2020 14:34
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The PICO spacecraft.
Publisert 11. sep. 2020 14:08

PICO is a CMB satellite proposed as one of NASAs big missions to be launched in the late 20's or early 30's. 

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Publisert 7. aug. 2020 11:51

"Since I did both my bachelor’s and master’s degree at UiO, and then decided on doing a PhD here, it might be easy to tell that I like Oslo and ITA a lot."

Publisert 11. mars 2020 09:15
PhD student Ragnhild Aurlien. Photo: UiO
Publisert 5. mars 2020 12:32

"From early age I've always loved the stars, and Astrophysics has always been my favourite part of physics."

Publisert 5. mars 2020 12:32

"The ability to do world class research and collaborate with other European researchers while at the same time experiencing a new culture is what really drew me to Oslo."

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Publisert 6. jan. 2020 21:26

Duncan Watts, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, UiO.

Publisert 23. sep. 2019 11:25
The "UiO Astrorunners" team at ITA.
Publisert 16. mai 2019 15:34

Each year the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (ITA) took part to the well known and challenging Holmenkollen relay "as one". Until now.

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Publisert 28. mars 2019 10:35

First first stars were born during the universe' youth according to new radiation maps. Much later that first anticipated. 

Publisert 27. feb. 2019 19:48

Karbonmonoksid (CO) er en giftig gass for oss mennesker, men ute i verdensrommet er det derimot knyttet til liv -- i form av stjernedannelse. Jeg heter Marie og tar en doktorgrad i astrofysikk. Dette er det jeg forsker på.

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Publisert 21. feb. 2019 15:31

An integrated framework to map the microwave sky

Publisert 7. des. 2018 10:54

David Kaplan is an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

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Commander Logo
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Time-domain Gibbs sampling

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LiteBIRD Logo
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Lite (Light) satellite for the studies of B-mode polarization and Inflation from the cosmic background Radiation Detection