Persons tagged with «Deep Learning»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andreassen, Børge Solli Stipendiat Machine learning, Deep learning, Medical Imaging, Cardiac ultrasound, Artificial intelligence
Austeng, Andreas Professor +47-22852741 ultrasound, sonar, beamforming, signal processing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning
Azab, Abdulrahman Chief Engineer +47 22840036 +47 46797339 (mob) Java, .Net, Python, Docker, Grid computing, High-Performance computing, High-Throughput computing, Bioinformatics, Galaxy, scrum, HTCondor, Singularity, Programmering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, LIMS, LabKey
Ellefsen, Kai Olav Førsteamanuensis Artificial intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, neural networks, self-adaptive software systems, deep learning, Artificial Life, reinforcement learning
Gazdag, Luca Eva Stipendiat deep learning, neural networks, computability theory
Helmy, Maged Industrial Ph.D. Candidate - Department of Informatics +47 918 65 680 (mob) Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Programming, computer vision, convolutional networks, pattern recognition, Image analysis, Image Segmentation
Jahren, Tollef Struksnes Machine learning, Deep learning, Medical Imaging, Cardiac ultrasound, Artificial intelligence
Kleppe, Andreas Associate Professor Texture analysis, Image analysis, Pattern recognition, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Medical applications
Lan, Qichao Doctoral Research Fellow Live Coding, Deep Learning, Music and Motion, Music Technology, Music Programming, SuperCollider
Meng, Li Doctoral Research Fellow Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Computer vision, Robotics
Samset, Eigil Professor II Artificial intelligence, deep learning, Machine Learning
Samuel, David Stipendiat Natural Language Processing, deep learning, language models, semantic parsing
Schøyen, Vemund Sigmundson Stipendiat Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Computational Neuroscience
Simionato, Riccardo Stipendiat Sound Synthesis, Sound and Music Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Audio Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Audio Modelling, Music Technology, Computer Music, Deep Learning
Solberg, Anne H Schistad Professor +47 22852435 +47 97044299 (mob) Machine learning, deep learning, convolutional networks, Image analysis, pattern recognition
Sommervoll, Åvald Åslaugson Doctoral Research Fellow +47 47350503 (mob) Security, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Cryptography, Neural Networks, Deep Learning
Thomas, Sarina Machine Learning, deep learning, ultrasound
Truong, Trung Tuyen Associate Professor +47 22855932 Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, Dynamical Systems, Algebraic Geometry, Gradient Descent, Newton's method, Optimisation, Deep Learning, Automated Proof Checking, Levenberg-Marquardt method
Wallace, Benedikte Doctoral Research Fellow Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Music and Movement, Kunstig Intelligens, AI, Maskinlæring, artificial intelligence, motion capture
Warakagoda, Narada Dilp Associate Professor +47 48020811 (mob) Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, computer vision, Robotics, Machine Learning, deep learning
Wind, Johan Sokrates Stipendiat Mathematics, deep learning, neural networks, compressed sensing, machine learning, Computational Mathematics