Persons tagged with «Economic Anthropology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Høgblad, Tone Doctoral Research Fellow 22856104 Religion, Christianity, Politics, Social change, Economic anthropology, Nordic culture, Norway
Kristoffersen, Henning Ph.d.-kandidat Economic anthropology, Political Economy, Globalisation, Social organisation, Social change, State, Gifts/commodities, reciprocity
Krohn-Hansen, Christian Professor +47 22855716 +47 93203383 (mob) power, nation and state, economic anthropology, globalisation, Carribean studies, The Dominican Republic
Leivestad, Hege Researcher Economic anthropology, Labour, Mobility, Infrastructure, Housing, Europe, Spain
Lien, Marianne Elisabeth Professor +47 22855733 +47 22694695 (mob) Consumption, Food, Nature/culture, Material culture, Economic anthropology, The Nordic countries, Australia
Ntapanta, Samwel Moses Doctoral Research Fellow +47 41256071 (mob) +4741256071 Economic Anthropology, urban Anthropology, Waste, Value, Infrastructures
Poulimenakos, Giorgos +3069465666 (mob) +306946566696 Political Anthropology, Economic anthropology, Infrastructure, Globalisation, State, Violence
Rakopoulos, Theodoros Associate Professor +47 22855875 +47 93026562, 228555875 Economic Anthropology, cooperatives, mafia/antimafia, labour, solidarity, food, activism, silence/talk, egalitarianism, austerity, personhood
Schober, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22855396 +47 90292834 (mob) Economic anthropology, Labour, Gender, Asia, South Korea, Philippines
Vindegg, Mikkel Senior Lecturer 95152486 Energy, Nepal, State, Labour, Infrastructure, Development, Climate and environment, Economic Anthropology, Consumption, Materiality, Globalisation
Wig, Ståle Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22854486 +47 90523201 (mob) +47-90523201 Development, Ethics, Economic anthropology, Money, Africa, Lesotho, Cuba