Persons tagged with «Events»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Ambrosen, Monica Lihus Senior Executive Officer +47-22856214 Office support, Promotional items, Invoices, Purchasing, Events
Andresen, Heidi Higher Executive Officer +47-22854432 Office support, Events, Invoices, Prizes, Purchasing, Conferments
Aronsen, Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22851674 +47-92402555 (mob) ePhorte, KVU, Events, Parat, PhD, Facilitation, Purchasing, Web publishing, Cristin, Administration
Aukrusttrædet, Marit Works Coordinator +47-22859697 +47-97763187 (mob) Events
Aune, Oda Asbjørnsen Higher Executive Officer +47-22855145 Student councelling, events, Curriculum, front desk, confirmations
Backer, Dag Senior Engineer +47-22857854 +47-97114521 (mob) AV, Events, Support
Barkley, Berit Johanne H Higher Executive Officer +47-22840549 Travel, Invoices, Events, Disputation, Cristin, Web publishing
Barth, Sophie Charlotte Higher Executive Officer +47-22844232 Library, Events, Video, Photo, Communication
Berge, Erik Adviser +47-22858906 Events, Web editor, Web publishing
Dahl, Birgit Hvoslef Adviser +47-22845692 +47-99702002 (mob) Library, Communication, Internal communication, Management support, Web publishing, Events, Information literacy
Danielsen, Mads Andreas Senior Executive Officer +47-22858711 +47 47904759 Research Communication, Web editor, Press contact, events, Seminars, annual report, Research support, Impact
Darby, Annabel Adviser +47-22840941 Internal communication, Communication, Events, Strategic Communication, Press contact, Web publishing
Dikova, Maria Senior Executive Officer +47-22858898 Open Access, Guest Lectures, External funding, Project management, Copy editing, Reserach support, Reporting, Cristin, Events, Conferences, Office support
Houben, Katerina Administrative Manager +47-22850445 48193789 (mob) Guest Registration, User Support, Events, Internal Communication, Recruitment
Johansen, Trude Kristine Executive Officer +47-22856674 Events, Property services, Service Center
Kanne-Hansen, Morten Works Coordinator +47-97957897 Support, Events
Kolbjørnsen, Gry Adviser +47-22854013 +47-91575622 (mob) Conferments, Promotional items, Events
Lade, Eirin Cathrine Senior Executive Officer +47-22850440 Communication, Events
Larsen, Bjørg Senior Executive Officer +47-22858090 +47-95883450 (mob) Events
Lazarevic, Miona Higher Executive Officer +47-22854224 Library, Loan, Events
Lello, Paul Martin Adviser +47-22845578 +47-98234693 (mob) Events
Lundell, Anders Senior Adviser +47-22857194 +47-90049636 (mob) Public Relations, Events
Neuhaus, Elisabeth Maria Higher Executive Officer +47-22844237 98635585 (mob) +47-98635585 Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Web publishing, Events, Research support, Communication, Annual report, Internal communication
Nyland, Torunn Adviser +47-228 44855 +47 405 52 150 (mob) Student and Academic Administration, Working life, Vitenskapsbutikken, Alumni, Events
Olafsen, Thomas Senior Adviser +47-22850132 Communication, Events, Internal communication, Research communication, Web publishing
Pedersen, Mona Adviser +47-95049099 +47-95049099 (mob) Property services, Events, Service Center
Seim, Runhild Adviser +47-22844210 Library, Events, Communication, social media
Songvoll, Gjøril Adviser +47-22855789 +47-95232401 (mob) Cultural and social activities, Events
Storbæk, Kristin Adviser +47-22854030 +47-47652534 (mob) Events, Counselling, Marketing, Communication, Public relations
Strandh, Bente Hennie Senior Adviser +47-22855445 +47-99225848 (mob) Communication, Events, Project management, Internal communication, Web publishing
Sørbø, Solveig Isis Adviser +47-22852441 45095002 Library, Research support, special collections, knowledge organization, Zotero, EndNote, Events, Interdisciplinarity
Tandberg, Gabrielle Works Coordinator +47-22859801 +47-95845028 (mob) Events, Support, Maintenance and operations
Tosterud, Lina Higher Executive Officer +47-22844439 Research support, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN), Events, Purchaser
Vold-Sarnes, Bjørnar Manager - Occupational Health Service / Special Adviser - Management Suppport Unit +47-22856302 +47-90851931 (mob) Events, Protocol, Special cases
Weaver, Kristin Higher Executive Officer +47-22859205 Facilitation, Research support, Events, Administration