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Eukaryotic DNA is folded into a three-dimensional (3D) structure inside the nucleus of the cell. Newly developed technologies, such as the Hi-C method [1], have made it possible to probe this 3D structure, giving rise to large amounts of data concerning the spatial arrangement of DNA. In order to get a rendering of the shape and positions of all the chromosomes, bioinformatics algorithms are used.


The figure below shows an example of a 3D model of the human genome, generated from a bioinformatics software called Chrom3D, developed by the supervisor of the project [2].

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Restriction site Associated DNA (RAD) sequencing is an effective methodology to produce genomic data at population level even in non-model organisms. It can be employed in SNPs discovery and genotyping, genotype-phenotype association mapping, linkage mapping, QTL analysis, hybridization and gene flow analysis, phylogeography, population genetics ...

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