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Conventional fishing management by governmental regulation often oversimplifies the complex interplay of power relationships between fishers and other stakeholders. In a recent study published in Ecology and Society (Kininmonth et al. 2017), we looked how the fishing-traders relationships may affect fishing patterns in light of market or ecological changes.

Publisert 19. apr. 2017 12:48

X-cell parasites are of much interest because they are disease causing agents of many groups of fish, yet we know almost nothing about their distribution, lifecycle, and mode and frequency of infection.

Publisert 11. nov. 2014 12:39

Understanding the drivers that determine the productivity of marine ecosystems is an important issue. Climate and exploitation interact in their effects, such that climate alterations may cause failure in a fishery management scheme while fisheries may disrupt the ability of a population to withstand, or adjust to, climate changes.

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