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Publisert 3. feb. 2020 12:29

Chromosomes are organized in three dimensions (3D) inside the cell nucleus. This organization is crucial to maintain normal functions in the cell. Recently, new technologies allow high-throughput mapping of DNA contact points across the entire genome. Since this information sheds light on how parts of the DNA are interconnected, we can represent these models as large networks, and use tools from network analysis to better understand the topological features in the 3D genome. This knowledge is important for understanding when (and how) changes to these topologies can cause diseases such as cancer.

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Publisert 4. des. 2018 09:45

Where the fish are spawning is of tremendous importance for the population (see our post) but also for the industry relying on it, especially since harvesting is often concentrated on fish that aggregate for to spawn. Climate change and harvesting are known to strongly affect the fish population with effect on the spawning location. In a recent paper (Langangen et al. Global Change Biology) we explore the question: “who is the culprit of spawning location change: Climate or fishing?”

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The development of haddock embryos is highly impacted by oil exposure as discussed in a previous post. In a new study Sørhus et al. explored the link between transcriptional changes and developmental processes such as pattern formation and organogenesis. The question is to understand the abnormal development in fish.

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Ecology, population dynamics, genomics and bioeconomics of marine fish stocks 

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Restriction site Associated DNA (RAD) sequencing is an effective methodology to produce genomic data at population level even in non-model organisms. It can be employed in SNPs discovery and genotyping, genotype-phenotype association mapping, linkage mapping, QTL analysis, hybridization and gene flow analysis, phylogeography, population genetics ...

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