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ETHIC supports student mobility between Master- and PhD-students in information systems at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo and Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique) and the University of Malawi. The purpose of the mobility is participation in teaching (courses), supervision, fieldwork, research activities etc.

In order to do become a student in this exchange programme, contact one of the participants listed in the right column.

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Increasing our understading on how climate change might affect crop pollination

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Climate Changes and Zoonotic Epidemiology in Wildlife Systems (ZEWS)

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HISP is a global movement to strengthen Health Information Systems in Developing countries that started in South Africa in the 1990's. HISP at UiO is one of the leading organisations in this movement and our contribution includes in-country capacity building and implementation support, research, a PhD program, and hosting the core DHIS2 software development team.

We design, implement and sustain Health Information Systems following a participatory approach. Our core aim is to support local management of health care delivery and information flows in selected health facilities, districts, and provinces, and its further spread within and across developing countries. We promote our software, DHIS2, as a global public good.

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Global Health Research Norway - Mali

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