Persons tagged with «IT services»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Brundtland, Bernt Section Manager +47-22854496 +47-91878816 (mob) IT services, Mangement
Cheng, Gang Head Engineer +47-22840578 Server- og driftstjenester, IT services
Christopher, Jesmine Principal Engineer +47-22844312 IT services
Frantzen, Kjetil Kjørholt Head Engineer +47-22859444 +47-95041429 (mob) Local IT support, IT services, IT Purchasing, AV services, Printing, User administration, Telephone services, web
Gasparini, Andrea A. Senior Engineer +47-22844208 +47-90846905 (mob) Library, IT services
Kristiansen, Kim Roar Head Engineer +47-46790018 (mob) IT services
Løken, Heidi Head Engineer +47-22844440 +47-90739023 (mob) IT services, IT support for research
Magklaras, Georgios Vasilei Senior Engineer +47-22840535 IT management, IT services, Scientific/Life Science computing, Scientific Computing, High Performance Computing, bioinformatics
Mathisen, Nils Mikal Head Engineer +47-22845444 IT services
Mohammed, Ahmed Abdi Senior Engineer +47-22857256 Library, IT services
Munch, Hans D Head Engineer +47-22854935 IT services
Nedic, Damir Senior Engineer +47-22857835 +47-47010357 (mob) IT services
Nesøen, Asgeir Senior Engineer +47-22855106 +47-99418365 IT services,  DMLF,  MySQL,  MariaDB,  OpenLayers,  Php, Zend,  database,  datamodelling,  backend
Pedersen, Odd Erik Senior Engineer +47-22850014 +47-99223220 (mob) AV services, Ephours, Examination, ICT and learning, IT services
Riis, Håvard Kolle Deputy Library Director +47-22844080 +47-90152636 (mob) Library, Administrative management, IT services
Saatchi, Zoha Shima Høegh-Omdal Head Engineer +47-22859458 +47-93415850 (mob) Local IT support, IT services, User administration, Printing, AV services, Telephone services
Selnes, Rune Senior engineer +47 22 85 03 02 Local IT support, Social media, Web publishing, Web editor, IT services
Tadesse, Melaku Head Engineer +47-22840537 +47-46611203 (mob) Local IT support, User administration, IT services
Valla, Joakim Head Engineer +47-22856061 Local IT support, User support, IT services
Winge, Erik Head Engineer +47-22859498 +47-48005335 (mob) Library, Local IT support, IT services
Wolff, Simon Head Engineer +47-22855144 +47-90091796 IT-drift, User support, Well-being, IT services