Nettsider med emneord «Impact geology»

Publisert 10. des. 2013 19:55
Publisert 8. des. 2010 12:31

The three Norwegian impact structures; Gardnos in Hallingdal, Ritland  in Rogaland and Mjølnir in the Barents Sea, has been analysed in detail by our department through many years now in numerous projects.

Publisert 8. des. 2010 12:19

NIR is a network primarily for young researches of meteorite impacts on the Earth and other planetary bodies.

Publisert 26. nov. 2010 14:20

Preliminary studies of the Ritland structure shows mineralogical evidences that prove it is an impact structure. This opens up for an in-depth investigation of the crater, studies which will offer new impact information of great international interest.

Publisert 26. nov. 2010 14:20

The Gardnos impact structure is situated in Hallingdal, between Nesbyen and Gol.