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Publisert 13. juni 2019 16:05

MISC is a Norwegian-Chinese-Japanese student and researcher exchange program on the study of microbial surface colonization.

Publisert 8. mai 2019 10:43
Publisert 8. mai 2019 10:43

The SolarALMA project is funded with a Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC) and runs from September 2016 to August 2021. The aim is to utilize the first observations of the Sun with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), which promises significant steps towards understanding the outer layers of the solar atmosphere with possible contributions to solving the coronal heating problem.

Publisert 8. mai 2019 10:43

The Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST) on La Palma is the world leading facility for high resolution observations of the Sun.

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Publisert 21. feb. 2019 15:31

An integrated framework to map the microwave sky

Publisert 15. mars 2018 11:00

Det er tre måneder og to dager siden jeg hadde siste eksamen, og jeg har hatt ferie siden da. I dag drar jeg endelig til Japan!

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Time-domain Gibbs sampling

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Lite (Light) satellite for the studies of B-mode polarization and Inflation from the cosmic background Radiation Detection

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Publisert 8. juni 2016 10:45

All elements in the Universe, except for the lightest ones, are made in stars.

But the heavier elements, like gold, lead and uranium, are not. How are they made?

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Permafrost is found in about a quarter of the land area in the northern hemisphere. Unlike snow and ice cannot permafrost be "observed" with remote sensing techniques. However satellites collect data regarding permafrost from sensors in field, and permafrost can be modeled numerically using above-ground data sets of temperature and snow depth. In SatPerm we aim to see if such data sets can be used for modelling of permafrost.

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Publisert 20. feb. 2014 09:58

Instabilities and turbulence in the polar ionosphere studied with the integrated, multi-scale 4D (3D in space and time) experimental, theoretical, and modelling approach.

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Publisert 26. feb. 2013 14:34

The Research Council of Norway has funded the project “Vortex flows and magnetic tornadoes on the Sun and cool stars” for the period 2013 to 2017. The aim of the VORTEX project is the comprehensive study of vortex flows and magnetic tornadoes on the Sun and other stars.

Publisert 19. juli 2012 11:36

Nuclear physics has as its objective the investigation and understanding of nuclei, which are the hearts of atoms and the place where almost all mass of visible matter resides. The rules of nuclear binding determine the number of stable isotopes and their relative abundance in the world we live. Nuclei are fermion systems comprising from a few to hundred of neutrons and protons. The systems are small enough to exhibit sharp quantum states, but also large enough to show collective degrees of freedom, like vibrations and rotations.

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