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Oppgaven utføres i samarbeid med Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI) på Kjeller. 

Publisert 15. mars 2021 14:22

Model independent searches for new physics are proposed as a way to be sensitive to various scenarios of new physics theories in final states with e.g. leptons recorded with the ATLAS detector.

Publisert 5. mars 2021 14:08

The research around developing methods for debugging and refining Machine Learning (ML) models is still in its infancy. We believe employing tailored tools in the development process can aid developers in creating more trustworthy and reliable models. This is particularly essential for the development of black-box models such as deep neural networks and random forests, as their opacity in decision-making and complex structure prevent straightforward investigation. Therefore, there is a need for techniques that can assist in understanding the behavior of the model and provide reasons for anomalies.


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In joint work, SANT and NLPL/EOSC-Nordic have trained and released the first large-scale transformer-based language model for Norwegian: NorBERT!

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Publisert 29. okt. 2020 12:49

Oppgaven utføres i samarbeid med Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI) på Kjeller. 

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How is rhythm processed in the human brain, and how can we model rhythm in machines? These are central research questions at the new RITMO Centre of Excellence.

We aim to take inspiration from rhythm in humans and other biological systems and develop models of rhythmic motion which can be applied to robotic and computing systems.

Publisert 15. okt. 2020 10:29
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The Tactile Internet –a communication network that is capable of delivering real-time control, touch, and sensing/actuation information through sufficiently reliable, responsive, and intelligent connectivity – is revolutionizing the understanding of what is possible through wireless communication systems, pushing boundaries of Internet-based applications to remote physical interaction. Such remote interaction capability can be used in surgery, driving, drone-based transportation, immersive education, and adventure, etc. Although the community envisions the bright future of the tactile internet, few works implement the physical platform and specify the blockages in enabling a smooth quality of experience (QoE) during the interaction. In this project, the candidate(s) will work in a team to identify those blockages and propose the novel algorithm in network stack to enable the avatar in the real world.

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We have MSc project openings in partnership with ambitious entrepreneurs in the company VibSim AS. VibSim is a startup working on lifetime expectancy estimation for machinery, components, and vehicles by analyzing sound and vibration data.