Nettsider med emneord «Medical Instrumentation»

Publisert 15. feb. 2011 14:27

COMPET is a MRI compatible preclinical PET scanner aiming towards a high sensitivity and a high point source resolution (PSR) by implementing a novel block detector geometry. Layers of matrices consisting of long LYSO crystals and wavelength shifter (WLS) fibers are used to determine the point of interaction (POI) of the γ-ray within the LYSO crystal. This reduces the parallax error to a minimum and allows for a high PSR and a high sensitivity, while keeping a low number of readout channels. Simulations show that the detector achieves a PSR below 1 mm in the transaxial plane and a sensitivity of up to 16%.

Publisert 3. feb. 2011 12:27

COMPET is a research project dedicated to build a high resolution, high sensitivity and MRI compatible PET scanner.

Publisert 3. feb. 2011 12:23

COMPET er et forskningsprosjekt som skal implementere en pre-klinisk MRI kompatibel PET-skanner med høy oppløsning og høy sensitivitet.