Persons tagged with «Molecular Biology»

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Anmarkrud, Jarl Andreas Senior Engineer +47-22851866 +47-93299849 (mob) Molecular biology, Evolution, Genetics, Metagenomics
Bjørgo, Elisa Head of Office +47-22840608 Molecular biology, HR administration, Strategy, Finance, Management support, Appointments, Research support, Life science, Human resources administration
Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise Professor Emeritus +47-92854455 (mob) Molecular biology, Life science
Edin, Nina Frederike J Associate Professor +47-22855492 +47 92812070 Life sciences, Biomedical physics, biophysics, medical physics, Radiation physics, Radiation biophysics, Cancer, Radiation protection, Hypoxia, Low dose irradiation, Cell kinetics, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Proton therapy
Fossum, Sigbjørn Professor Emeritus +47-22851213 Genetics, Evolution, Molecular biology, Immune system
Gjøen, Tor Professor +47-22844943 +47-95163161 (mob) Cell biology, Microbiology, Virus, Biotechnology, Immunology, Vaccine, Antibiotics, Molecular biology, Lipids, Life Science
Hegna, Ida Kristin Professor Emeritus +47-22844934 95096830 (mob) +47-95096830 Life Science, AFM, Molecular biology, Microbiology
Jaroszewicz, Ewa Head Engineer +47-22844948 Life Science, Microbiology, Molecular biology
Johannessen, Ida Marie Doctoral Research Fellow Molecular biology, Genetics, Arabidopsis, Epigenetics, Evolution
Junges, Roger Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840340 genetic competence, signaling, microbiology, immunology, commensals, Biofilm, pathogens, molecular biology, molecular microbiology, antibiotic resistance
Kolstø, Anne-Brit Professor Emeritus +47-22856923 Molecular Biology, Life Science, Microbiology
Kristensen, Vessela N. Professor Life science, Cancer, Molecular biology, Biostatistics
Labba, Nils Anders Doctoral Research Fellow Neurochemistry, Pharmacotoxicology, Molecular biology
Liljegren, Mikkel Meyn Principal Engineer Microbiology, Molecular biology, Bacteria, Molecular evolution, Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Microbial Ecology, Macroevolution, Molecular markers
Malecki, Jedrzej Mieczyslaw Researcher +47 99 47 91 07 Biochemistry, Molecular cell biology, Molecular biology
Michalik, Marcin Pseudomonas aeruginosa, vaccines, Molecular biology
Pinto, Rita Postdoctoral Fellow Biomarkers, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Cell biology
Progida, Cinzia Anita Maria Associate Professor +47-22854441 Cell biology, molecular biology, membrane trafficking
Røed, Asbjørn +47-22840355 salivary glands, Cell biology, organogenesis, epigenetic, stem cells, osmoregulation, molecular biology
Solbakken, Monica Hongrø Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844164 High-throughput sequencing, Pyrosequencing, Genetics, Molecular biology, Immunology, Genomics, DNA sequence analysis, Bioinformatics, Atlantic cod, Cell biology
Solberg, Rigmor Professor +47-22857514 +47-97739048 (mob) Proteolytic enzymes, Drugs, Cell Biology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Atherosclerosis, Proteases, Legumain, Cancer, Life science, Cystatins, Proteolysis, Osteoporosis, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Cathepsins, Cysteine proteases
Szalai, Paula Doctoral Research Fellow Cell biology, Molecular biology, Cancer research
Thiede, Bernd Head of Group +47-22840533 Proteomics, Mass spectrometry, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Proteomikk, Massespektrometri
Tran, Trung Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840517 004740388909 Cancer metastasis, cancer proteomics, Cancer evolution, proteomics, Molecular Medicine, Cancer therapy, Molecular biology, Cancer biology
Winther-Larsen, Hanne Cecilie Professor +47-22857011 Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Life Science
Økstad, Ole Andreas Løchen Professor +47-22854789 +47-92603952 (mob) +47 92603952 Molecular biology, Microbiology, Food poisoning, Biotechnology, Biology, Life science, DNA sequencing, Biofilm, Evolution, Bioinformatics, Genomes