Persons tagged with «Open Science»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bochynska, Agata Senior Academic Librarian open science, open research, data sharing, research data management, digital research methods, digital skills, research methods
Delgado Aleman, Ana Maria Associate Professor +47 22855850 Science and Technology Studies, Politics of knowledge and technology, publics, biological objects, infrastructure, sharing and ownership, open science, bioeconomy, futures, social movements
Endresen, Dag Chief Engineer +47 22851654 +47 40612982 (mob) GBIF, data publishing, research data, open science, data science
Fotland, Margaret Louise Senior Adviser +47 22856037 Open Science, Documentation, Analysis, Cristin, Open Access, Research outputs, Research data, Bibliometrics, SciVal
Kang, Heemin Doctoral Research Fellow Cognitive neuroscience, Clinical neuropsychology, Open Science
Leoncio Netto, Waldir Senior Engineer Programmer, Software architecture, Training, Servers and operating services, IT support for research, IT support for education, Open Science
Munoz, Luis Eduardo Doctoral Research Fellow language, Development, perceptions, Open Science, Eyetracking, EEG
Nederbragt, Lex Senior Lecturer +47 22844132 Atlantic cod, Ecological genomics, Genomics, Programming, Bioinformatics, Biology, Comparative genomics, DNA sequence analysis, DNA sequencing, Evolution, Evolutionary biology, Evolutionary genomics, Fish, Genes, Genetics, Genome, High-throughput sequencing, Life Science, Software Carpentry, Open Science
Neff, Mary Beth Doctoral Research Fellow Pragmatics, Theory of Mind, Developmental Psychology, Non-literal language, Psycholinguistics, Open Science
Robberstad , Silje Research assistant 40531133 Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition, Infant-Directed Speech, Eye tracking, Open Science
Sogner, Ingrid Director of Department +47 22854465 +47 90663386 (mob) Management, PhD, Ethics, Research infrastructure, External funding, Open Science, Innovation, Legal counselling, Contracts
Sørbø, Solveig Librarian / Information scientist +47 45095002 (mob) MusicLab, open librarianship, Reference Manager, open science, knowledge organization, knowledge management, Research support, Special collections