Nettsider med emneord «OpenMP»

Publisert 3. okt. 2014 23:12

Tomorrow's supercomputers are projected to have a hybrid architecture. They will be clusters of fat nodes, each consisting of several sockets of multicore CPUs plus one or several accelerators (such as general-purpose GPUs). Programming of these hybrid supercomputers will be challenging, requiring a combination of programming paradigms. At the same time, one of the obstacles to good performance is the many types of data communication involved, more specifically, between the nodes, between the CPU and the accelerators inside each node.

Publisert 3. okt. 2014 12:13

OpenMP is a well-established standard for programming shared-memory parallel computers. Since 2013, the latest version of OpenMP (4.0 or later) has included the possiblity of utilizing heterogeneous computing systems that are made up of multicore CPUs and accelerators (such as GPUs and many-integratred-core coprocessors). We want to examine how typical numerical algorithms should be re-implemented using OpenMP-4, with the aim of using heterogeneous computing systems.