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Publisert 5. juni 2018 14:15
Publisert 11. mai 2018 12:40

Benjamin Pollard is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder, which is at the forefront of research-based development of physics laboratory teaching, including beyond the first year. In this talk, he will share one of the approaches used to improve physics laboratory courses.

Publisert 11. mai 2018 12:09

The purpose of this Networking Day is to strengthen our regional Scandinavian network of physics and astronomy researchers working on a variety of projects related to computing in science education. Each visitor will give a 20 minute presentation, followed by 10 minutes for questions, and participants are encouraged to actively use the coffee and lunch breaks for networking.

Publisert 30. apr. 2018 13:50

Trinket is a browser-based portal to programming that does not require the user to download or install software, making it easy to use. Hunter Close from Texas State University will share with us how he uses Trinket to introduce students in introductory physics to programming.

Publisert 4. jan. 2016 11:26

ReleQuant has developed digital, research-based learning resources in general relativity and quantum physics for upper secondary physics. Practicing physics teachers as well as physics teacher students have participated in the project through ReleQuant Competence.

ReleQuant combines:

- development of digital learning resources

- research on pupils' learning processes and motivation in physics

- research on how the collaboration develops competence in the involved practitioner groups: teacher students, teachers and researchers

Publisert 18. aug. 2015 13:46
Publisert 10. nov. 2010 15:36

In the Physics Education Research Section we are concerned with the position of physics in society and in the educational system. We work to enhance recruitment to physics and to improve physics education on all levels of school and higher education.