Persons tagged with «Press contact»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Astrup, Christian Boe Senior Adviser +47-22842052 Human Rights, Communication, Research communikation, Foto, Graphic profile, Internal communication, Web editor, Press contact, Public Relations, Conferences
Brynildsen, Åslaug Adviser +47-22845592 Communication, Web editor, Research communication, Press contact, Social media
Chausse, Camilla Marie Adviser +47-22854844 47234806 (mob) + 47-47234806 Research communication, Press contact, Communication, Strategic Communication, Web publishing
Danielsen, Mads Andreas Senior Executive Officer +47-22858711 +47 47904759 Research Communication, Web editor, Press contact, events, Seminars, annual report, Research support, Impact
Darby, Annabel Adviser +47-22840941 Internal communication, Communication, Events, Strategic Communication, Press contact, Web publishing
Eidberg, Mathias H. Information coordinator 22850307 Press contact, Recruitment of students, Media Survey, Research communication, Alumni, Communications, Marketing
Estensen, Monica Bring Senior Adviser +47-22845319 Press contact, Communication, Innovation, Research communication, Web publishing, Project management
Flinterud, Guro On leave Web editor, Research communication, Press contact, Media survey, Copy editing, Internal communication, Web publishing
Garbo, Gro Lien Senior Adviser +47-22856718 95210539 (mob) 95 21 05 39 Science communication, Press contact, Communication
Kanestrøm, Jorunn Adviser +47-22850050 +47-98808769 (mob) Web publishing, Research communikation, Communication, Press Contact, Photo, Media survey, Web editor
Kildal, Charlotte Adviser +47-22858820 +47 99782069 Communication Advisor, Web editor, Press contact, Research coordinator
Kvaal, Julie Nybakk Adviser +47-22844690 Press contact, Research communication, Internal communication, Communication
Marthinsen, Therese Næss Webeditor and communication manager +47 - 22 85 53 34 +47 - 930 200 31 Press contact, Web editor, Communication, publishing, Web publishing
Melteig, Elina Adviser +47-22844304 90561361 Media, Press contact, Web editor, Social media, SMN
Myre, Steinar Hafto Section Manager +47-22850032 +47-92415962 (mob) Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communication, Press contact, Social media
Petersen, Stina (On leave) Research support, EU, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Research Communication, conference, Press contact, Open Access, Project management
Rosseland, Silje Marie Kile Senior Adviser +47-22845302 45450053 (mob) Internal communication, Press contact, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication, Organizational Communication, Strategic Communication
Vigestad, Kyrre Communications adviser +47-22855279 +47-92862492 (mob) Press contact, Communication, Media survey, Content management, Web statistics, Research communication, Web editor, Internal communication
Wilberg, Helene Section Manager +47-22857647 +47-95062371 (mob) Communication, Strategic communication, Press contact, Public relations, Research communication, Internal communication