Persons tagged with «Purchaser»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Adamiec-Fidjeland, Maria Teresa Senior Executive Officer +47-22851670 Safety and preparedness, Purchaser, Basware, Contracts, HR-system, ePhorte
Ariansen, Morten Head Engineer +47-22850664 +47-90162230 (mob) calender, E-mail, Printing, User administration, Purchaser, User support, Local IT support, chat, Telephone services
Authen, Bjarne Senior Engineer +47-22851492 +47-99706139 (mob) Purchasing, Purchaser, Fire safety, Service, EAGLE, Electronics
Bredholt, Victor Head Engineer +47-22850666 +47-92442236 (mob) chat, Local IT support, Telephone services, calender, E-mail, Printing, User administration, Purchaser, User support
Bråthen, Heidi Senior Executive Officer +47-22844457 Employment Contracts, Travel, Fee, Purchaser, Invoices, Reimbursements
Eng, Rita Adviser +47-22851456 Basware, Purchasing, Payment, Purchaser, Invoices
Englien, Christian Higher Executive Officer +47-22845048 Disputation, Administration, Purchaser
Flatebø, Torun Head Engineer +47-22851590 Molecular biology techniques, PCR-method, Purchaser, Laboratory work, Cell growth, Protein analysis
Oksvold, Cecilie Petterson Head Engineer +47-22851408 +47-45477093 (mob) Laboratory work, Cell growth, Training, Purchaser, Invoices, Microscopy, Fire safety
Omnes, Kristian Senior Executive Officer +47-22859995 Administration, Reception, Museum Pedagogy, Exhibitions, Purchaser
Rekdahl, Knut Senior Engineer +47-22851129 +47-98644331 (mob) Purchasing, Purchaser
Salicath, Sophia Higher Executive Officer +47-22851559 +47-90535126 (mob) Economy control, Photo room, Dry ice, Bio-Rad refrigerator, Invoices, Purchaser
Sandvik, Marit Principal Engineer +47-22851389 Purchaser, Protein analysis, Laboratory operation, Molecular biology techniques
Tosterud, Lina Higher Executive Officer +47-22844439 Research support, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN), Events, Purchaser