Nettsider med emneord «Radio»

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Publisert 26. mars 2020 15:06

In these unusual and worrying times of the corona pandemic, most of us are staying safe in our own home in solidarity with each other. We in the research group, at least, are lucky to be able to work from home. While we wait for the virus spread to decline, it might be in need to think about something else between news updates. We therefore below shamelessly recommend some radio podcasts involving group members from relatively recent times. OBS! These radio shows are all in Norwegian, unfortunately!  

Publisert 6. apr. 2018 12:43

Satellite communication networks are normally designed to deliver services also under severe propagation conditions. Links operating at 20 GHz can be severely affected by a number of atmospheric effects, where hydrometeor precipitation is often among the most severe ones.

Publisert 6. apr. 2018 12:41

Many outdoor radio systems transmit and receive signals that are sensitive to the climatic conditions, such as hydrometeor precipitation. For example, high frequencies may be heavily attenuated under periods of rain. According to climate reports the trend is towards more severe storms with heavy rainfall. An initial study of rainfall rate data from Norway supports the view that there is more often intense rainfall several places in the country.


Publisert 28. mai 2013 11:15