Persons tagged with «Regulations»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Aastorp, Sissel Adviser +47-22850514 Regulations, Research support, Budget
Bakken, Marie Cecilie Adviser +47-22850508 Human resources administration, Absence, Recruitment, HR-system, Salary, Appointments, regulations, Leave of absence
Berg, Gina Kristine Adviser +47-22841837 Elections, Regulations, Inclusive workplace (IA)
Berg-Eriksen, Karoline Adviser +47-22844680 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, Regulations
Berger, Finn Ragnar Senior Executive Officer +47-22856205 Regulations, Appeals Committee at UiO
Bremer, Merethe Senior Adviser +47-22856353 +47-95209393 (mob) Research training, Statistics, Doctoral program, Research administration, PhD, Regulations, Research school
Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47-22854192 +47-97015910 (mob) Control and Reconciliation Group, Internal audit, Salary, Regulations, Reconciliation, Taxes, Web publishing
Brørs, Birgitte Adviser +47-22841117 Appeals, Regulations, Web publishing, Admissions
Christie, Vibeke Adviser +47-22850643 Research administration, Regulations, Cristin, Research support, North-South programmes (NORHED)
Christophersen, Heidi Anne Camilla senior adviser +4722855791 Common Student System (FS), Student and Academic Administration, Quality assurance system, Regulations, Evaluation, Statistics, Admissions, Analysis, Learning Environment, Quality of education
Ecklund, Heidi Falch Senior Adviser +47-22859227 +47 907 30 348 (mob) +4790730348 Regulations, Appointments, Recruitment, Human resources administration
Eikeset, Birgitte Adviser +47-22854309 Regulations, Admissions
Ekker, Arild Senior Executive Officer +47-22856282 Regulations, National Student Database
Finseth, Lena Charlotte Senior Adviser +47-22854229 Regulations, National Student Database, Student data
Handberg, Hege Advisor +47-22850303 Quality of education, Ph.d., Common Student System (FS), Research training, Disputation, Regulations
Johansen, Bente Senior Adviser +47-22844074 Regulations, HR system, Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments
Koteng, Birte Borgund Senior Executive Officer +47-22852507 Salary negotiations, Regulations, Civil service law
Kristiansen, Thoril Adviser +47-22844699 Regulations, Appointments, Human resources administration, Recruitment, HR-system
Kvaale, Kaja Section Manager +47-22844633 Management, Regulations, External funding, Reseach Politics, Research administration, Research support
Mortensen, Kirsti Margrethe Adviser +47-22857834 +47-90571521 (mob) Regulations
Nesteby, Maria Dana Hansen Adviser +47-22844686 Appointments, Human resources administration, HR-system, Regulations, Recruitment
Noreik, Einar Lawyer +47-22856646 +47-98872318 (mob) Legal counselling, Contracts, Regulations
Rockwell, Susan Adviser +47-22850507 Leave of absence, Absence, HR-system, Recruitment, Appointments, Salary, regulations, Human resources administration
Rusten, Kjersti Adviser +47-22844820 Admissions, Regulations
Sandlie, Irene Director of Personnel +47-22857472 +47-41680540 (mob) Strategy, Regulations, Facilitation
Schjerverud, Bjørn Erik Høvik Administrative Head of Studies - Faculty of Theology +47-22850308 +47-48111216 (mob) Programme descriptions, Approval/recognition/accreditation, Elections, Student and Academic Administration, Regulations, Student guidance, Administrative management
Solbakken, Mattias Adviser +47-22845811 Student and Academic Administration, Regulations, Plagiarsm Check, Cheating, URKUND
Sundnes, Jonny Roar Senior Adviser +47-22857198 Quality assurance system, Strategy, Joint degrees, Programme descriptions, Regulations
Theodorsen, Mari Adviser +47-22859358 Salary negotiations, Civil service law, Regulations
Tveitan, Ragnhild Sverdrup Administrative Manager +47-22841027 +47-91132645 (mob) Management, Regulations, Payroll
Tverfjell, Tone Iren Senior Executive Officer +47-22855769 Recruitment, Appointments, Human resources administration, Regulations
Ullern, Inger-Johanne Senior adviser +4722856335 +4741570593 (mob) Statistics, Annual plan, Analysis, Regulations, Annual report
Yttersian, Kine Adviser +47-22859226 HR system, Appointments, Regulations, Recruitment