Nettsider med emneord «RoCS» - Side 3

Publisert 18. juni 2018 14:50

“Norway itself is welcoming - since my arrival the weather was ideal.“

Male person with black hair and glasses
Publisert 14. sep. 2020 08:37

A month before the national lockdown in March, Atul Mohan started working at the EMISSA project at RoCS, UiO, as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Male person with black hair and glasses
Publisert 22. sep. 2020 13:51

Following up his Master thesis project this summer, Daniel Jakobsson is back at RoCS working at the SolarAlma project. His work stay is made possible by the Rosseland Visitor Program.

Young female person with black hair
Publisert 7. jan. 2021 13:08

Her name is Maria Guadalupe Barrios Sazo, but she goes by Lupe. She has come all the way from Guatemala to work as a Research Software Engineer at RoCS - Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics.