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Publisert 14. aug. 2018 14:16

Evolutionary algorithms are powerful search algorithms which can be used for design exploration, parameter optimization, and adaptation to changing conditions. Evolutionary robotics is the field of applying evolutionary algorithms to robotics, and has the potential to improve robots in a number of ways - from the design of robotic bodies and controllers, to adaptation when the robot suffers from damage or encounters a new environment.

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The Eurobot competition is held yearly in France, and student teams compete in a task involving one or more mobile robots. Will you take the challenge and design a fully autonomous mobile robotic system that can make it to the top?

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How is rhythm processed in the human brain, and how can we model rhythm in machines? These are central research questions at the new RITMO Centre of Excellence.

We aim to take inspiration from rhythm in humans and other biological systems and develop models of rhythmic motion which can be applied to robotic and computing systems.

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A mobile interactive music app and a quadruped robot that are use-cases for machine learning and prediction.
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The master projects outlined below are a part of the research project Engineering Predictability with Embodied Cognition (EPEC).

Overall project outline

Humans are superior to computers when it comes using senses and learned knowledge to choose the best actions. This project aims to develop  human-inspired models of prediction and apply them in robot and interactive music systems. The goal is to develop predictive models as an alternative to the more traditional reactive systems. We apply these models in embedded and mobile systems and in the fields of music technology and robotics.

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Our goal is to contribute to the development of ever more intelligent systems. This can be systems that in specific tasks or environments can assist or replace human judgment, or it can be systems that can accomplish tasks we would like to automate.

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