Nettsider med emneord «Solar Corona»

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Publisert 13. jan. 2020 09:59

The Rosseland Centre for Solar physics continues growing and attracting young, talented researchers. Get to know four new PhD students at the beginning of their scientific ventures.

Publisert 6. jan. 2020 15:18
Publisert 9. jan. 2019 11:44

RoCS, the freshly established Norwegian Centre of Excellence, welcomes four new PhD students in Solar Physics.

Publisert 19. nov. 2018 14:06
Publisert 30. aug. 2018 15:19
Publisert 13. juni 2018 15:52

“I’m hoping to embrace the Norwegian culture as much as possible and make the most out of the beautiful Scandinavian nature“, Petra Kohutova

Publisert 17. nov. 2014 14:31